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by breeve 12. April 2016 11:55

Pickaxe has come a long way in a year. I open sourced it and hosted it on github.

The language is powerful enough now for real use cases. To illustrate, below is an example of fetching airport weather data and writing it to a file using SQL like syntax. The (thread(threadcount)) hint next to the download page statement allows parallel downloads resulting in fast code. A youtube video is also shown below.

Never has scraping the web been so easy. To learn more, there are tutorials and docs on github. Visit the Pickaxe download page to run the code below.

create buffer states(state string)

insert into states
select 'TX'

insert into states
select 'AR'

insert into states
select 'OR'

create buffer station(url string, st string, city string, state string)

insert into station
    pick 'td:nth-child(1) a' take attribute 'href', --link to details
    pick 'td:nth-child(1) a', --station
    pick 'td:nth-child(2)', --city
    pick 'td:nth-child(4)' --state
from download page (select
    'https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/weather/asos/?state=' + state
    from states)
where nodes = 'table.asos tbody tr'

create buffer stationReadings(url string, stamp string, time string, wind string, visibility string, weather string, temp string, humidity string)

insert into stationReadings
    pick 'td:nth-child(1)', --date
    pick 'td:nth-child(2)', --time
    pick 'td:nth-child(3)', --wind
    pick 'td:nth-child(4)', --visibility
    pick 'td:nth-child(5)', --weather
    pick 'td:nth-child(7)', --temp
    pick 'td:nth-child(11)' --humidity
from download page (select url from station) with (thread(10))
where nodes = 'table[cellspacing="3"] tr'

create file airportWeather(
    city string,
    state string,
    stamp string,
    time string,
    wind string,
    visibility string,
    weather string,
    humidity string,
    temp string
with (
    fieldterminator = '|',
    rowterminator = '\r\n'
location 'C:\windows\temp\weather.txt'

insert overwrite airportWeather
select city, state, stamp, time, wind, visibility, weather, humidity, temp
from station s
join stationReadings r on r.url = s.url



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