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by breeve 15. January 2010 16:25

Over the last months in my spare time, I developed a web based HOA (Home Owners Association) forum tailored to HOA organizations. I have posted all the code—above the screenshot—with instructions on how to get the software up and running should you care to run or modify it. You can do whatever you want with the software—it is now open source software.

The project started as a desire to play with ASP.NET MVC, LINQ to SQL, and jQuery. As the functionality increased, I tried my hand at pitching it to different neighborhoods. No interest. Not even for free. Most already had forums running like phpBB. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of my motivation was to develop a better looking forum than phpBB and hopefully banish it from all existence in the HOA space. Nathan Philpot helped with design work to make it look great but even that didn’t help as HOA organizations seemed just fine running their existing forums. The switching costs were just too much.

In reality, switching costs where just one reason it wasn’t adopted. HOA organizations, I found out, have very different ideas of what they want forcing the market into fragmentation. In fact, many build their own solutions in house.

Features Include:

  • Posted topics can be voted on which allows popular issues to rise to the top.
  • Each topic can show a voting history graph
  • Search topics
  • Each user has a page that lists:
    • Their posted topics and replies
    • Their reputation (gained by others voting on their topics or replies)
  • Topics can be flagged as spam or inappropriate by anyone, allowing an administrator to delete off color topics.
  • Posted topics are sorted by 4 main tabs
    • Recent - topics listed by date
    • Popular - topics listed by votes
    • Hot - topics listed by recent activity
    • No Replies - topics with no replies
  • When HOA members post, a special HOA icon is displayed notifying readers of a more official response
  • The HOA corner area on the right allows HOA members to post ideas, status, or announcements
  • RSS / Email updates




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